Reversible (Switchback Books, 2017)

“Reversible is bright and glitter roll-on scented, with a pitch-perfect 90s soundtrack. It’s nostalgic, dark, surprising yet warmly familiar. I mourn for the girlhood of this book.” — Morgan Parker

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The Haunted House (Switchback Books, 2010)

“This poetry is the unholy and inevitable spawn of Emily Dickinson and Judy Blume. And it’s a sugar high. Enter and enjoy the rush.” — Arielle Greenberg

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Big Brown Bag (Gazing Grain Press, 2015)

“This collection is about obsessions and how we are always building them, surrendering to them, or evading them. What is really being wrestled with is love, its losses, despair, denial of that despair, learning to love one’s own body and self, and all the ways we trick ourselves into making it through the hours and days and shifts of this grinding blue world.” – Natalie Diaz

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8th Grade Hippie Chic (Immaculate Disciples, 2013)

“Do the “like” of teen slang and the “like” of resemblance and the “like” of admiration and pleasure come together in the explicit words of any poem? Until recently the answer might have been “no.” But the poet Marisa Crawford has certainly done it now.” — Stephanie Burt

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